Your digital presence on the go!

Did you know mobile users have overtaken desktop users?

It’s true! Your digital presence growth will be based on mobile traffic as it now accounts for more than half of total internet traffic.

Some of the most important search engines are giving a boost to the ratings of sites that are mobile friendly if the search for such information is made from a mobile device.

This could mean digital presences that are not optimized for mobile navigation could be crushed by those which are.

There are tons of users out there waiting to discover your digital presence on the go.


Your Digital Presence will look great on 4k monitors and mobile phones!



Mexishore IT specializes on Responsive Web Design (RWD). We aim to create sites and digital presences that are optimized for viewing and interaction across platforms, offering navigation with minimum resizing, panning or scrolling.

Your content will be like water. It’ll fit any container.

Smartphones, Tablets, Laptops and even 4K screens will show flexible images that are created in relative units instead of fixed pixels to always fit and show the true beauty of your organization.

The navigation is always optimized for the device. This means your website has a fluid grid that is designed and measured in relative units and percentages of the devices, instead of fixed units like pixels or boxels.


We partner with the best of the best.


Services like Youtube or Twitter will embed your microblogging or video needs, as these services are also device responsive.

Don’t believe us? Why don’t you try to open this site on your phone? …Done? How about your Tablet? …Now your TV screen on your living room… How about your laptop?

Soon you will find that all embedded services are also responsive and always look their best.



If you are interested on receiving some information about our Mobile Digital Presence service, please fill the next contact form and one of our 24/7-Customer service representatives will contact you shortly!

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