Software Development

We develop specific software pieces for you.

Our team of professionals develops specific pieces of software tailored to your needs. We deliver effective solutions that comply with your organizational requirements while delivering results on TIME and within BUDGET. Mexishore IT will also provide your organization with training, software maintenance and customization.

Mexishore IT’s developers will deliver precise pieces of software that will satisfy your organization’s needs better than any pre-fabricated solution.


Mexishore IT follows two of the main standard methodologies for software development: Agile and Waterfall.

You choose which one to use on your project, depending on your needs.

With Waterfall, you will have to specify the requirements and standards at the beginning of your project and our team of professionals will deliver exactly what you need for a predefined price and time period.

With Agile, you are in charge of the development at all times, and are encouraged to add or change requirements and assets by the use of iterative phases, perfecting the piece of software you require on the go.


Our professional developers have years of experience and extensive technology and industry knowledge. Mexishore IT’s follows industry standards so you can be sure your piece of software will be delivered within budget and on schedule.

We partner with industry leaders and specialists in terms of Quality Assurance and Quality Control. You can be sure your custom development will comply with industry standards.


Mexishore IT is aware of the importance of seamless integration of your new software with your current framework, that’s why we remain prepared at all times for such integration and we Plan, Do, and Act accordingly.

You can rest assured that your business’ tools will be integrated and work together as a well-oiled machine.