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Welcome to Mexishore IT

Mexishore IT is a high-end tech and business services company that provides international companies with effective outsourced IT development at very competitive rates.

We specialize in web development, design and administration, social media management, recruitment services, media production and data management, including document formatting, translations and database management.

Our Services

Our service offer is divided in 4 basic areas, Software Development, IT Support, Media Production, and Web/Cloud based technologies.

Main Services

IT Support

General IT Support
We bring professional IT services to your organization. Allow us to help your team.
Starting at $400.00 USD Monthly

Software Development

Specific software for your needs
Our team of professionals develops specific pieces of software tailored to your needs.
Starting at $20.00 USD Hourly

Website Development

Functional Websites
Get more clients, employees, consumers. From website administration and design to social networking, we make it work!
Starting at $300.00 USD for a full site

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Mexishore IT

Mexishore IT is located in Mexico City, which provides numerous benefits to its North American customers.

Office Hours

Mon-Sun: 7:30 am – 10:00 pm


Leesburg, VA.

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