Intranet implementations

Your intranet needs to be a reflection of your organization’s values and goals.

A successful intranet can provide important benefits for your company, but most organizations have difficulty achieving this because they are not using professional services for this type of implementation.

When executed correctly, an intranet has the potential to improve your business processes and enhance your operations. Mexishore IT can do this for your organization.

Let us help you out. We can do it for you. Fast and professional.


We gather a specific team for your intranet implementation needs


A project manager oversees the entire implementation of your intranet, using the best Project Planning Software available.

We assemble a team of 5-10 professionals to make your implementation efficient. This group of professionals not only will drive the project, but will also distribute the workload while the project manager oversees the implementation. This will assure that your organization achieves its maximum potential and delivers greatness.


We help you Develop an Intranet Map


Mexishore IT works for you. That’s why we set a roadmap for your implementation and create an efficient Intranet Map, including:

  • Main menu development.
  • Department distribution that is compatible with your organization as you created it.
  • Types of information displayed.
  • Permissions and levels of management.
  • Sensitive content and documentation.
  • Apps such as calendars, time trackers, etc.



Your implementation: in the cloud


You don’t need an on-site implementation today. We specialize on Cloud implementations.

This translates on HUGE savings for your organization, while offering you ample storage space, fantastic flexibility and amazing mobility for you and your teammates.

The automation of your service is easier and much faster. The user interface is easy to understand and Mexishore’s team will leave it ready for your system administrators.

Your information and your organization is PRIVATE and PROTECTED in the cloud.


Organization of Policies and Procedures

We respect and work with your organization’s policies and procedures.

It is our task to learn and apply your Policies and Procedures so the intranet implementation is fully compliant, not only with your Policies, but with the Industry Standard.

We respect the structure of your policy (and in some cases, we help you give it a solid structure). We fit this structure into the intranet implementation process, thus creating a Governance document for your organization’s newly implemented intranet.



If you are interested on receiving some information about our Intranet Implementations service, please fill the next contact form and one of our 24/7-Customer service representatives will contact you shortly!

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