Aesthetic solutions for your everyday business tools

Mexishore IT is a high-end tech and business services company that provides international companies with effective outsourced IT development at very competitive rates.

We specialize in web development, design and administration, social networking, digital presence, and data management, including document formatting, translations and database management.

Located in the Western hemisphere, Mexishore IT provide near-shore common-time-zone attention that is available 24 hours a day 365 days a year for our customers and partners in the Americas.

As a practical IT solution provider, Mexishore IT presents the following Service and Technology benefits:

  • Aesthetic solutions for everyday tools such as websites, social networking and applications.
  • 24×7 attention, support and helpdesk.
  • Continual improvement of the tools developed.
  • Knowledge on relevant platforms available for web design, web administration and programming.
  • Personalized service tailored to the specific needs of your organization.
  • Integration with the tools already used by your organization and/or supply of own tools.

Mexishore IT is located in Mexico City, which provides the following benefits to its North American customers:

  • Time Zone: Importance of working concurrently
    1. Seamless interaction on iterative development projects, short term projects or enhancements
    2. Practical issue resolution
  • Proximity: Importance of being close
    1. Relationship management is easier
    2. Seamless Project Tracking and oversight
    3. Near-shore common-time-zone attention
    4. A short flight away
  • NAFTA: Advantageous Trade and Immigration regulations
    1. Sound infrastructure
    2. Strong intellectual property protection
    3. Access to more business visa types: B, E, TN, L, H1
    4. Lesser impact of new regulations
  • Cultural Affinity: Similar business culture
    1. Business culture affinity facilitates day-to-day team integration
    2. Bi-Lingual (English-Spanish)
  • Total Cost of Engagement: Unbeatable cost-quality relationship
    1. Significantly lower rates
    2. Lower communication & infrastructure costs
    3. Lower Indirect Costs
    4. Great value for affordable prices



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