Website development and design

Your website is one of the most important parts of your organization.


It has the potential to become the main hub of your organization’s activities. It has become the most important part of your marketing strategy and it can (and should) serve many purposes.

Mexishore IT knows this and offers a fast, exceptional solution for your organization.


Our approach and methodology.


Mexishore IT recognizes that every client has unique business requirements and this understanding is reflected in our approach to digital presence development and consulting.

To remain competitive and ahead of the curve, Mexishore IT only follows the latest and most effective processes on developing and administrating websites and social networking.

We follow an AGILE process which allows us to constantly engage with our customers, adopt and adapt to their needs, and achieve the business objectives.



Mexishore IT offers Great Design

Visual content has an important effect on people.

What people see is what they remember.

This is why our trained designers and visual communication professionals take care of your visual design needs.


Mexishore IT proposes the following phases and high level activities:

Perform a digital presence gap analysis:

We identify strengths and weaknesses on your digital presence to ensure optimized functionality.

Develop a Digital Presence Roadmap (Plan):

Based on known gaps and identified areas of opportunity, work with YOUR team to develop an actionable roadmap with defined actions to achieve important digital presence and to gain new customers and provide them with excellent web assistance and attention.

Define and Develop Digital Presence:

Drive agreed actions to implement functionality and correct digital presence. Develop or improve your organization’s Website and Social Media sites. This includes the development of Processes and Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s), Templates and procedures as to achieve and maintain full functionality.

Maintenance and continual improvement:

Following the first iterations, Mexishore IT will also be able to administrate, maintain and support the digital presence tools developed.


Some of the tools we use:


If you are interested on receiving some information about our Web Development service, please fill the next contact form and one of our 24/7-Customer service representatives will contact you shortly!

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